Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A horse is a horse

I recently attended a birthday party for my friend's daughter (She turned 3). It was a pretty fun party, especially once the gifts were open. One of the gifts was an animatronic horse big enough for her to "ride." Pretty cool, and also pretty bizarre. You see, this little robot, like so many other toys, requires a bit of assembly. Upon opening the box, we found a headless horse body inside. The head was in a smaller box at the body's feet, along with a brush and a plastic carrot. Amazingly, this had no effect on the birthday girl. She and her friend were perfectly happy to play with the horse's tail while Daddy, Uncle Jeff and Uncle Ron attached and wired up the horse's noggin. Once the head was attached, it was time to install the batteries. This, of course, involved opening the animal's abdomen. Now we have three guys grouped around an upside down robot horse looking as though we're performing some kind of surgery. Strange? Yep. Creepy? You bet. Worth it? Of course, she loves that robo-horse!

1 comment:

  1. The really creepy thing is just how real it looks. Whenever I walk past and glimpse it from the corner of my eye, my brain says, "Dude, there's a horse in your dining room. Wtf? and what do you do about it."

    Then I look again and remember it's just a toy.