Sunday, December 28, 2008

So far, so good

A couple days ago, I started playing Guild Wars. I didn't get it for Christmas, though - it's been sitting in my office for quite some time now, waiting for me to get around to it. I decided that now was the best time, considering that I now have a laptop and thus can play and spend time with the wife simultaneously.

It took forever to install, but once that was done, I had no technical problems. The control interface is quite good, and works well for laptops. I was expecting something like what the Oblivion uses, where you use the mouse to turn left and right (not good for the touch pad dealie on my laptop), but that is instead controlled by the A and D keys (Q and E strafe). Combat is fairly simple as well - you might call it a "point and kill" interface.

I haven't yet done much in the way of multiplayer yet. All of the adventuring that I've done so far has been solo (my entire experience with other players was asking somebody where to get materials to have a bow crafted). The game is pretty well suited to the "Lone Wolf" adventurer, as you only encounter other players in certain areas (unless you're part of an adventuring party, of course).

This is the character that I"m currently playing:

His name is Lucien Kharval, and he's a seventh level Ranger/Monk. He kicks @$$ with a bow & arrow, and he's also pretty handy with a warhammer.

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