Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another blog

Yesterday, I initiated another blog over at Tumblr. Entitled the Geek's Travels, it exists as a sort of "geek journal" where I'll post interesting/amusing things that I encounter on the web and random thoughts that demand more than 140 characters to express but aren't quite big enough for the Grimoire.

Of course, if you follow me on Twitter or Plurk, you already knew about this.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Temple Redux

This year, I've gotten back into tabletop roleplaying games. Specifically, Dungeons and Dragons, third edition (3E). I'm currently running a campaign set in the Forgotten Realms.

I'm also playing in another Realms campaign, but that's another story.

In the campaign that I'm running, the characters have been contracted by a scholarly order to attempt to retrieve an artifact called the Crown of Horns. They have been told that this item has been tied to Myrkul, the former god of death.

They are currently following a lead, and are en route to the village of Hommlet. Old school D&D players already know what this means. For the rest of you, this means that I plan on taking an old adventure module from the first edition, and modifying it to fit (a) 3E rules, (b) the Forgotten Realms, and (c) my campaign.

The module in question is The Temple of Elemental Evil

After perusing the adventure text and some online discussion threads about this adventure, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot achieve all three of my stated adaptation goals while staying true to the original adventure. Upgrading to third edition is a simple, if time-consuming process. Similarly, changing the adventure to fit the Forgotten Realms (it was originally set on the Greyhawk universe) is pretty simple. The problem arises when I try to make it fit my campaign.

The Temple of Elemental Evil was originally written to be a campaign in and of itself. Characters were meant to start the adventure at level 1, and leave at level 8. As such, the adventure (and its story) is very self-contained, and does not readily lend itself to being part of a larger story.

Well, I can't just throw my players into this adventure as it was written - they'll lose the thread of my original plot for sure. So much for using a fine scalpel to change the adventure - it's time to get out the machete.

I've weighed my options, and decided that the best approach at this point is to take what I like about the Temple (especially the maps - very nice), and replace the rest with characters, creatures and a story of my own devising. The temple will probably no longer be "Elemental," but it will be a fully integrated part of the larger story that we're telling.