Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Upgraded My Booze

A while back, I was surfing the interwebs when I stumbled upon a recipe for pecan infused bourbon. I like pecans. I love bourbon. Hell, I was weaned on bourbon (Anbesol hadn't been invented yet). Needless to say, I immediately bookmarked the page for later use.

On a recent shopping trip, I picked up 2 bags of pecans (the only ingredient in this recipe that I don't normally have on hand). With all of the necessary ingredients in the house, I was ready to begin.

I started by soaking the pecans in cold water. For me, this step served a double purpose, as the most reasonably priced pecans available at the store were glazed. Not only did the soaking "open up" the pecans for roasting, it rinsed the glaze clean off.

Once the pecans had soaked, I sprinkled my seasoning mix on them and put them in the oven to roast. A word of advice: If you decide to try to make this yourself, make more than 2 cups of pecans. The aroma of roasting pecans will fill your humble abode, and you will want to eat some. Allow some room for indulgence.

Once the pecans had cooled it was into the jar with them, along with one full bottle of Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (I just call him Jim. we're old friends).

Then came the hardest part. I had to wait for a week. Seven days. One hundred sixty eight hours. With the jar just staring at me...

Today, the wait ended. It was finally time to strain out the pecans and enjoy the fruits of my labors (and patience).

The bourbon had become cloudy with nutty goodness. I was excited.

After straining the bourbon back into its bottle, I was left with a bunch of bourbon-ized pecans. I decided to toss them in the oven for a while, to get them dry and crunchy. 20 minutes at 300 - once again, a wonderful aroma filled my domicile.

The pecans turned out fairly well, although the bourbon flavor is fairly subtle. Maybe 15 minutes next time.

The bourbon itself was wonderful. I poured a glass, and also poured a glass of unaltered Jim for comparison.

You can really see the cloudiness when you compare it to the regular stuff. It's not a pretty drink; maybe it needs a bit of a mixer. I'll have to experiment with that later. Now, however, I need to get a-tastin'!

First, I had s sip of regular Jim, to sort of set the foundation. It was wonderfully delicious, as always.

Then, I took a sip of the pecan bourbon.

Wow. That's good.

The pecans really did a number on ol' Jim. Don't get me wrong, it's still definitely bourbon, but the pecans have made it smoother, sweeter, and (of course) nuttier. This is a great dessert drink.

I wonder how it would taste in coffee...

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  1. I'm so excited that this turned out well!!

    Glad you enjoyed - the photos were great. I wanna taste this, now. I need to find someone who's a bourbon drinker to do this with me.