Friday, October 9, 2009

Musica Obscura #2

It's time once again to reach into my music collection and pull out a gem that you may not have heard of before.

In 2000, Bobby Gaylor, comedian and former writer for Roseanne released amalbum titled Fuzzatonic Scream. This album isn't the kind of thing you'd normally expect from a comedian. Each track is a song, not just a piece of a stage show. Really, this is a spoken word album more than it is a comedy or music CD. Each song consists of Bobby either telling a story or just talking about something, with musical accompaniment. The stories are excellent, with topics ranging from the wistfully nostalgic (One Moment) to the squirm-inducingly disquieting (Tommy the Frog Killer). The backup music lives up to these stories; each song is has a style and rhythm that perfectly fits Bobby's speaking. If you were paying attention to the radio in 2000, you may have heard "Suicide," the one single that came from this album. It's good, but the rest of the album is better. Check it won't be sorry.