Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Free Audiobooks?

Yes, free audiobooks. No, I didn't find a way to scam Audible. No, I'm not talking about anything in any way illegal, and no, these adiobooks do NOT sound like crap. Believe it or not, there's actually a website out there that offers free, quality audiobooks for you to download and enjoy at will; it's called
I know, I sound like some kind of atrocious commercial just now. So be it - it was still the best way to state my thesis. Now, rather than boring you with a description of how the site works (sigh up, pick a book, start downloading), I'm going to suggest a couple personal favorites.

Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword

by Tee Morris Imagine, if you will, a "standard" fantasy dwarf. Big beard, battle know the guy. Now, send him through a hole in the multiverse so that he ends up stuck in Chicago, in the 1920's. Ofcourse he becomes a private detective...what else is there for him to do?
Of course, things really get weird when an artifact from his own realm shows up.
This one was really well done - the author narrates the story in first person (a la Sam Spade), but other performers voice the other characters - it's part book and part radio play.

Seventh Son (trilogy)

by J. c. Hutchins Do you like espionage stories? The kind that constantly make you wonder just what the hell is going on? Then this is the trilogy for you.
It all starts when the President is killed in cold blood by a four-year-old boy. A few week later, seven different men are sitting in a conference room in a secret installation, having covert teams.
I don't want to spoil it, so I won't say anything more about the story, except to tell you that, while it's confusing at first, it just keeps getting better and better.
Since I first listened to it, the Seventh Son trilogy has been released as "real" print novels, and the story underwent some significant changes during the transition. The edition that I once knew is now called the beta version (clever in-joke there), with the new "print version" forthcoming.

A Different Point of View

by TD=0013 This one is pretty short - you can listen to all of it in a single evening.
TD-0013 is an Imperial Stormtrooper, and he's had just about enough of this hero worship directed at the rebellion and the Jedi Knights. In this book, TD-0013 hopes to set the record straight on a few matters, like stormtroopers being poor marksmen, the "awesomeness" of the Fetts, and the truth about the Battle of Endor.

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