Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Week in Haiku

Yesterday, a friend presented me with a rather Shakespearean sonnet extolling her love for Friday.  This began a conversation about poetry and the days of the week.  Before long, I decided that there was a haiku there, just waiting to be written.
I have something of a fondness for writing haiku.
I let the idea simmer in the back of my brain for a bit, and eventually decided that I would pen not one but seven haiku; one for each day.  As the day progressed, ideas popped out of my brain, and I wrote them down.  By the time I finished my lunch break, I had successfully crafted a series of seven haiku:

Bleary-eyed, I wake.
Zombie like, I carry on
It's Monday again

Tuesday, consciousness
The week begins in earnest
Time to get to work

Some call it "hump day"
Weekends distant on both sides
Wednesday stands alone

Thursday has arrived
The end of the tunnel nears
There is a light there

Fifth day spent at work
Everybody loves Friday
Now for wings and beer

A day off, yet not
Saturday's dichotomy
Time off for housework

Sunday, time for rest
The past week's cares forgotten
A contented sigh

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