Saturday, May 29, 2010

Geek Question of the Week #5

A number of geek shows have ended recently. Some ended on their own terms, while others were axed by the network. This means that some viewing hours are opening up in geeks' schedules.
This is the perfect opportunity to suggest your favorite shows to your friends. Why let the network executive$ make that choice, when their understanding of science fiction begins and ends with lasers?
I want to hear about your favorite shows. Whether currently airing or long-cancelled, it doesn't matter. I want to hear about the shows that you really love, and will happily watch again and again. The kind of show that you'll study, nitpick, and discuss with like-minded friends until the wee hours of the morning. We've all got a few, and maybe we'll be able to fill the recent openings in our viewing schedules.

Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Delight!

On a recent trip to Ohio, the Wife and I saw, in a cooler full of various microbrews and imports, a "new" beer from a Belgian brewer that we are quite familiar with. Needless to say, we bought a bottle to take home.
The libation in question is Lindemans Faro - a lambic beer made with candy sugar.

I've had a number of Lindemans' delicious lambic beers, but they've all been made with fruit, and therefore have taken on the flavors of the fruit used (I highly recommend the Kriek). Being made with candy sugar instead of fruit, Faro is quite different from its brethren. My hope was that, with the sweetening agent being less flavorful in itself, the beer itself would be allowed to shine.
Lindemans' website describes the taste thus:
Fruit and caramel aroma, balanced by subtle complexity and refreshing acidity. The flavor starts sweet, with suggestions of brown sugar or orange marmalade, and finishes with crisp tartness.
That's just about what I got out of it. My first impression was of fresh orange peel as the foremost layer in a nicely complex, malty drink. I didn't pick up any caramel in the aroma, but then again, my nose isn't all that sensitive.
All told, Faro is an excellent brew. While I wouldn't suggest having it with a meal, I think it would be a wonderful accompaniment to your dessert.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Ship and Crew

The responses to last week's GQOTW were, as I had hoped, quite interesting. From the crew made up entirely of actual people to the utterly surprising Spelljammer, I had a metric tonne of fun reading your answers.
I'd also like to thank my wife for the vote of confidence. I hope to serve well as her Science officer.

Anyhoo, I suppose I should return the favor by presenting to you my ship and crew.

My Ship

In designing my ship, I first had to decide what I wanted it to be capable of. I decided that I needed significant FTL capability, a robust defensive package, and a high-end science and exploration package (exploration being my chief objective). To this end, I took advantage of the Geek Federation's offer to combine parts from various vessels.
The base of my ship is an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer. This would take care of the FTL drive as well as providing adequate shielding. The hangar bays, however, would need to be refitted to replace the TIE fighters with more agile (and better shielded) A-wing fighters. The Ship would alsop need to be fitted with the science and exploration package found on a Nova-class starship.

My Command Crew

First Officer: Zoe Alleyne
Science Officer:Samantha Carter
Security Chief: Robocop
Chief Medical Officer: Leonard McCoy
Chief Engineer: Forge
Pilot/Navigator: Joker
Weapons/Tactical: Ackbar

Well? Do my selections meet with approval?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Understanding Your Audience

Unless you've been living in some sort of cave, you're well aware that the series finale of Lost aired last night. I was, of course, one of the millions of geeks (some closeted, others brazen) watching the pre-show recap and the finale itself (the Jimmy Kimmel post-game report...I mean Aloha to Lost waiting on my DVR as I write). The internet is undoubtedly brimming with praise, vitriol, lamentation, and other reactions to the show's end. While I do indeed have an opinion on the finale, that's not the purpose of this blog.
Instead, I'm going to talk about the commercials that aired.
For the most part, the commercials were the standard fare. There were commercials for cars, department stores, cleaning products, upcoming movies...all the commercials that you'd expect to see over the course of several hours of television watching. One particular retail chain, however, really stood out above all of the other advertisers, in that they displayed a fantastic understanding of the audience they were "speaking" to and the importance of the situation.
Let's take a look, shall we?

These are the kind of commercials that one expects to see aired during the superbowl.
The Lost finale was a 2.5 hour event, complete with pre-game show and post-game wrap-up. It drew millions of viewers, many of whom would otherwise have been watching a different stations (assuming they were watching TV at all). I'd go so far as to call it the geeks' superbowl.
Target alone seemed to understand this. Their ads stood head and shoulders above the rest.
Hell, if more commercials were this entertaining, I might actually pay attention to them.

Well done, Target - my hat's off to you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Geek Question of the Week #4

Message From the Geek Council

In honor of your invaluable contributions to Geek culture (most recently, your participation in founding The Geek Library), you are being offered a command position in the Geek Fleet. Prior to assuming your command, you must complete two tasks:

1. Design your vessel
Of course, all of Geek Fiction is available for you to draw from. You may, if you wish, simply utilize an existing design (a Sovreign class starship, for example), or you may exercise your creativity by combining favorable components from various vessels.
You needn't concern yourself with compatibility issues - our engineers are the finest in the galaxy. They were running Windows and MacOS on the same device long before Apple began using Intel chips.

2. Select your Command staff
Again, you may select your command officers from anywhere you wish. You must fill the following positions:
First Officer
Science Officer
Security Chief
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Engineer

Good luck!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Geek Love

I recently changed the wallpaper on my laptop to this:

click for fullsize

The other day, my wife walked into the room, saw it, and said "Fhtagn!"

I love this woman.