Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Geek Question of the Week #4

Message From the Geek Council

In honor of your invaluable contributions to Geek culture (most recently, your participation in founding The Geek Library), you are being offered a command position in the Geek Fleet. Prior to assuming your command, you must complete two tasks:

1. Design your vessel
Of course, all of Geek Fiction is available for you to draw from. You may, if you wish, simply utilize an existing design (a Sovreign class starship, for example), or you may exercise your creativity by combining favorable components from various vessels.
You needn't concern yourself with compatibility issues - our engineers are the finest in the galaxy. They were running Windows and MacOS on the same device long before Apple began using Intel chips.

2. Select your Command staff
Again, you may select your command officers from anywhere you wish. You must fill the following positions:
First Officer
Science Officer
Security Chief
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Engineer

Good luck!


  1. Umm, I have enough homework, I can't even begin to muster the energy to do this assignment! But I will select my command officers anyway because I can handle that part :)

    First Officer - Ron (dad)
    Science Officer - Ron (hubby)
    Security Chief - cousin Tim
    Chief Medical Officer - Me!
    Chief Engineer - Cindy
    Pilot/Navigator - Jim
    Weapons/Tactical - Jeff

  2. 1. I'll go back to our AD&D Spelljammin' days where we built the Enterprise. A large 3 mast warship of a Roman design. The photon torpedoes were Fireball launchers. The phasers were lightning bolt launchers and of course for deflector shields we had globes of invulnerability. And of course the D&D Teleport is better than Transporters.

    2. First Officer: Zoe (Firefly/Serenity)
    Science Officer: Spock
    Security Chief: Colonel Miles Quaritch (Avatar)
    Chief Medical officer: Dr. Bones McCoy (of course)
    Chief Engineer: Scotty
    Pilot/Navigator: Han Solo
    Weapons/Tactical: James Bond

  3. My vessel is an old school style Final Fantasy airship. Essentially, a flying boat. I can't think of any crew members.

  4. 1. My ship would have to be a Battlestar (one of the most ultimate fighting machines ever built)

    2. Crew:
    First Officer: William Adama
    Science Officer: Spock
    Security Chief: Master Chief (from Halo)
    Chief Medical Officer: Bones
    Chief Engineer: Kaylee (from Firefly)
    Pilot/Navigator: Wash (from Firefly)
    Weapons/Tactical: General George S. Patton

    HA! top that!