Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Ship and Crew

The responses to last week's GQOTW were, as I had hoped, quite interesting. From the crew made up entirely of actual people to the utterly surprising Spelljammer, I had a metric tonne of fun reading your answers.
I'd also like to thank my wife for the vote of confidence. I hope to serve well as her Science officer.

Anyhoo, I suppose I should return the favor by presenting to you my ship and crew.

My Ship

In designing my ship, I first had to decide what I wanted it to be capable of. I decided that I needed significant FTL capability, a robust defensive package, and a high-end science and exploration package (exploration being my chief objective). To this end, I took advantage of the Geek Federation's offer to combine parts from various vessels.
The base of my ship is an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer. This would take care of the FTL drive as well as providing adequate shielding. The hangar bays, however, would need to be refitted to replace the TIE fighters with more agile (and better shielded) A-wing fighters. The Ship would alsop need to be fitted with the science and exploration package found on a Nova-class starship.

My Command Crew

First Officer: Zoe Alleyne
Science Officer:Samantha Carter
Security Chief: Robocop
Chief Medical Officer: Leonard McCoy
Chief Engineer: Forge
Pilot/Navigator: Joker
Weapons/Tactical: Ackbar

Well? Do my selections meet with approval?

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