Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Delight!

On a recent trip to Ohio, the Wife and I saw, in a cooler full of various microbrews and imports, a "new" beer from a Belgian brewer that we are quite familiar with. Needless to say, we bought a bottle to take home.
The libation in question is Lindemans Faro - a lambic beer made with candy sugar.

I've had a number of Lindemans' delicious lambic beers, but they've all been made with fruit, and therefore have taken on the flavors of the fruit used (I highly recommend the Kriek). Being made with candy sugar instead of fruit, Faro is quite different from its brethren. My hope was that, with the sweetening agent being less flavorful in itself, the beer itself would be allowed to shine.
Lindemans' website describes the taste thus:
Fruit and caramel aroma, balanced by subtle complexity and refreshing acidity. The flavor starts sweet, with suggestions of brown sugar or orange marmalade, and finishes with crisp tartness.
That's just about what I got out of it. My first impression was of fresh orange peel as the foremost layer in a nicely complex, malty drink. I didn't pick up any caramel in the aroma, but then again, my nose isn't all that sensitive.
All told, Faro is an excellent brew. While I wouldn't suggest having it with a meal, I think it would be a wonderful accompaniment to your dessert.


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