Monday, June 14, 2010

Maybe They Missed Me

A box on my front porch
Sent by the Sci-Fi Book Club
My day has improved

If you follow my Twitter account (and let's face it, why wouldn't you?), then you may know that, about a week ago, I placed an order for four books from the Science Fiction Book Club. In order to get the "buy one, get one free" deal, I had to sent my order to them via snail mail rather than just ordering from their website. Thus, you can imagine my surprise when I arrived home after work today (precisely eight days later) to find a box full of books waiting for me.

I was not expecting to receive the books quite so soon. I mean, I sent the order via snail mail. That should add at least a couple days to the turnaround time, no? To give you a bit of perspective, I placed an order with Amazon the day before I placed my SFBC order in the mail. The Amazon order arrived two days ago (Saturday).

Has the SFBC discovered the secret of Warp Drive?

Needless to say, I'm very excited. Three brand-spankin' new books for me to enjoy. Most likely, I'll start one of them as soon as I finish the reading project that I'm currently working on (you'll hear about it here soon enough). I'd be interested to hear what you, dear reader, would suggest that I read. Therefore, I present to you:

My New Books

If I do decide to read this one, I'll want to go back and re-read Inferno first.

This book hasn't been shipped yet, because its official release date isn't until July 6. Much like Escape From Hell, I'm going to want to go back and re-read the previous stories first (because they're that dang good).

One of these books (okay, one of the first three) will be moving to the "on deck" position in my reading list, but I'm not sure which one. If you'd like to try to influence my decision, feel free to try in the comments. I figure you have somewhere between a week and ten days to sway my mind.

If you wanna join the book club, let me know about that as well...they give me free books if I get a friend to sign up. </shameless commerce>

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