Monday, June 14, 2010

The Question is Changing

I know, I know...It's been over two weeks since I last posted a Geek Question of the Week, and I still haven't even responded to the feedback on the last one. Fear not, loyal geeks, I have not forsaken you.

Simply put, it's not easy to come up with new questions every week. Sometimes, I just can't come up with anything interesting enough for the Geek Question mantle. Thus, I am changing the nature of the Geek Question.

You probably noticed the snazzy new seal at the top of the page. Your eyes do not deceive you, I am switching from Geek Question of the Week to Geek Question of the Month. Yes, it's less poetic, but it also allows me more time to ponder good ideas.

I do happily accept suggestions. The last question, in fact, was suggested by a reader (my Wife swooped in at the zero hour and saved my sorry arse). You can send me your idea via Twitter, Facebook, or Email.

Now, on to my thoughs regarding excellence in television.

I saw a lot of shows mentioned that I want to start watching soon. Buffy the Vampire Slayer...Flash Forward...Babylon 5... I really need to get moving with these shows. Unfortunately, most of these are shows that The Wife is also interested in watching, and it's in my best interest not to watch them without her.

On the topic of current shows that I recommend highly, Fringe is certainly at the top of my list. They've managed to take all the best parts of the X-Files, add in a deep, puzzle-filled mythology, and wrap the result around some very interesting characters (Walter Bishop, anybody?).

I'm also really enjoying Doctor Who, Stargate Universe, and Caprica. I'm hoping that, once it really gets going, Caprica will be able to really bring the drama the way Battlestar Galactica did. They're building nicely, and I'm anxious to see where they go.

The next GQOTM is coming soon, and I think it'll prove to be very interesting. Keep one eye peeled...

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