Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Concert That Almost Happened

Have you ever had one of those nights, where nothing goes according to plan? I just did, and the deviation from the plan was so very epic that I need to share it.

Take a look at this ticket stub. In particular, note the times listed. they will be important later.

In another universe, another version of me used a ticket very much like this one to experience an awesome heavy metal concert. I'm fairly jealous of him.

The ticket indicates that the doors to Club Zoo were to open at 6:00 PM, with the show beginning at 7:00. Needless to say, my friends and I were somewhat dismayed when we arrived at 6:30-ish to discover a line of people stretching for nearly a block. There was still time to spare before showtime, however, so we took our place at the end of the line and began waiting.

Time passed. A rumor started making its way down the line that the club was having "power problems," and that's why we were still waiting outside. It's worth noting at this point that the temperature outside was below freezing, and several people were not properly dressed for extended periods in the cold.

More time passed. We were still standing outside when we should have been enjoying the first opening band. I have no idea how, but somebody managed to acquire a 3-foot-tall hollow plastic Santa Claus, who proceeded to crowd surf his way back and forth along the line several times.

Heavy Metal Santa wasn't our only entertainment. There were also two guys dressed like extras from a Mad Max movie (no reason, they were just there). They spent their evening just walking back and forth along the line. This shouldn't have been as entertaining as it was, but we were cold and angry - having something to chuckle at was a very good thing.

Finally, at 9:30 (three and a half hours late), the doors opened. As we filed in, we saw the first of two opening acts on stage, going through their sound check. People were milling about, mostly heading for the restrooms (they'd been in line for a while), when suddenly the club went dark. Flashlights came out, and Heavy Metal Santa made another appearance. Evidently, somebody had brought him into the club.

We were waiting once again, but at least this time we were indoors. Another rumor started making the rounds, this time stating that a transformer had blown. Eventually, at 10:30, a member of the security staff came by and told us to start heading for the door; they were canceling the show. Thinking that a club full of angry metalheads could get ugly, we made tracks.

I'm not too angry about the power failures and the eventual cancellation of the concert. I understand that things like this happen, and they often cannot be helped. However, there is no excuse for the extremely poor way that the situation was handled. We were made to wait outside, in sub-freezing temperatures, on a sidewalk that had not been cleaned since the snow two days ago, for three and a half hours.The least they could have done was let us come inside where it was warm. If that wasn't possible, perhaps the responsible thing would have been to cancel the show earlier.

There is an amusing, somewhat ironic twist to this story. The Wife, who spent her evening playing Sacred 2 (she is not a Cradle of Filth fan) had a more metal night than I did (power metal band Blind Guardian provided music for that game).