Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Comic Book Day 2011

I arrived at my regular comic store this morning, a few minutes before the store opened. Somehow, I was the first person in line (WOOHOO!!).

Upon entering the store, I was greeted by the glorious sight of a large table covered in free comic books. The store had imposed a limit of four free comics per customer. Fair enough; I'd want to have a chance at some free comics if I was a later arrival.

Admittedly, the "four to a customer" rule did prevent me from getting all of the sweet freebies that caught my eye, but I did make the most of my four slots. I selected the free issues of Elric, The Tick, Darkwing Duck and The Misadventures of Adam West. I also picked up a Green Lantern Heroclix figure. Maybe now I'll have to learn how to play Heroclix.

After perusing the racks a bit (and finding three comics to buy), I went over to where an "artist's alley" had been set up, featuring local comic artists. Having never been to a convention, this was to be my first time visiting an artist's alley. It was really fun; the artists were very nice and happy to talk about their comics.

I first met David Watcher, author of The Guns of Shadow Valley. He described it as sort of a western meets the X-Men. Upon hearing that, I was sold. I got a free copy of the $2 book that hew had on display (first 20 customers got a freebee), and he did a free doodle/autograph on the back Very cool.

Next, I met M.L. Walker, author of Hero Corp International. His comic is set in a future Pittsburgh where not only do superheroes exist, but superheroing is an actual job, with corporate bosses and all the happiness that goes with them. I liked the semi-dystoipian, somewhat cynical concept, so I picked up issue #1.

Last, I met Nick Marino, author of Stick Cats. I picked up his free comic, but I wasn't really able to talk to him. He'd arrived at about the same time as me, so he was still trying to set up.

I left the store with ten comics (four purchased, six free), a Heroclix figure, and a small handful of promotional materials form artist's alley. All told, Free Comic Book Day was massively fun, and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Keep an eye on this blog; I'm planning to post reviews of some of my new stuff soon.