Saturday, July 9, 2011

Musica Obscura #3

It's been quite a while since I've done a Musica Obscura post. To celebrate its triumphant return, let's take a look at one of my favorite artists.

This is Voltaire, and you really need to add him to your music collection. You'll thank me later.

I first discovered Voltaire back in 1999. I was already a fan of Projekt Records, and bought their compilation CDs as soon as they hit the market. The first track on 1999's "The Projekt Sampler" was Voltaire's When You're Evil. The plaintive violin at the beginning drew me in, the clever lyrics grabbed my attention, and the sardonic twist at the end set the hook.

I immediately knew that I had to seek out the album that this song had come from. Fortunately for me, Hot Topic stores had begun appearing in local malls, and I soon found myself in possession of Voltaire's first album, "The Devil's Bris." The rest of the album lived up to the expectation set by When You're Evil; I was completely hooked.

It's not just about being evil, though. Voltaire is something of a geek, and seems to enjoy poking fun at the golden calves of geeks everywhere, Star Trek and Star Wars.
(Warning: if you click on these next two videos at work or in public, on your own head be it.)

It occurs to me that I may have painted a rather disturbing picture of Voltaire. Don't fret,his songs aren't all about buggery and vivisection. Hell, he's even been featured on the Cartoon Network!

Seriously, do yourself a favor and get an album or two. While you're at it, check him out on Twitter, Facebook, and his website. You will thank me.