Saturday, March 24, 2012

Let the Geekend Begin

I'm two weeks behind in my "current" comic books and I made out like a bandit this past Wednesday in the bargain bin. I've also got a handful of trades (Planetary 1-4 and Supergod) that a friend lent me, and I'm planning on borrowing Transmetropolitan from another friend in the near future. All this in addition to the rather large stack of my own trades that I've yet to read.

This, combined with my video game and DVR backlog, calls for several geekends. Maybe, if I keep at it, I can be mostly caught up by Free Comic Book Day.

Friday, March 9, 2012

When Your Robot Breaks Down

Don't you just hate it when your 'bot breaks down? They're nearly impossible to repair without an advanced robotics degree, and it takes forever to ship them to the manufacturer. Fortunately for Pittsburghers, there's Fraley's Robot Repair.

Located on Sixth Street in the heart of the cultural district, this little shop is the answer to our prayers. Whether it's a loss of grip torque or a full-on :kill All Humans" murderous rampage, Fraley's can fix it.

Just a few weeks ago, my CyberBot NX-42 started acting wonky. You know, microwaving the bedsheets, vacuuming the lawn... You know, generally malfunctioning. Ordinarily, I'd have had to ship him back to the CyberBot repair facility in Schenectady, paying shipping both ways on top of the CyberBot's rather exorbitant repair fees. Thanks to Fraley's, Marvin was back to normal in a single afternoon, and I escaped without a massive dent in my bank account.

Why aren't there more places like this?