Saturday, October 27, 2012

The winner is...

Last week, I offered 100 Geek Points (along with the associated bragging rights) to anybody who could explain the significance of "Auriga, Cetus, Centaurus, Cancer, Scutum, Eridanus." Two people attempted to win the prize.

Geeks, I am disappoint.

Evidently, not even 100 Geek Points could offset the shame and ridicule that would come of getting the answer wrong. </sarcasm> This says a lot for the question's intimidation level, and suggests that it was indeed worthy of the prize.

So, how did those bravest of geeks do?

Jeff was unable to divine the correct answer, but he did correctly deduce that "Auriga, Cetus, Centaurus, Cancer, Scutum, Eridanus" was from Stargate. For getting this close to the correct answer, and for having the toDuj to try, I award him 40 Geek Points.

Cassie clearly brought her "A" game. Not only did she correctly identify the sequence as Earth's stargate address, she named the one episode (out of 214) whewre one could easily read the address:

Congratulations, Cassie. You have earned the Grand Prize: 100 Geek Points. Leaping up on the table and doing a mocking jig is optional, but encouraged.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

100 Points

Every now and then I post a trivia question on Facebook, offering Geek Points to anybody who can answer it. These Geek Points are a lot like the points earned by "contestants" on Whose Line is it Anyway, in that they're entirely subjective, and of no real importance.

My most recent trivia question, valued at 30 geek points, was to identify the following image:

Only one person, a generally non-geek person at that, took a shot at answering it. Evidently, I'd underestimated the difficulty of the question. The friend who answered felt the same, saying "Only 30 geek points for that? Hate to see a 100 pt question."

Well, there was only one way to respond to that.

I immediately got to work, wracking my brain for difficult, unusual trivia. This took a while, as I have a wealth of utterly useless information stored in my brain. No, really - my head is full of it.

For a while, I believed that my greatest obstacle was Google. Google knows all, and is at everybody's fingertips. This appeared to be an insurmountable challenge, until I realized something. Using Google to answer a trivia question is calling Mike Tyson a wimpy little sissy boy.* You're only hurting yourself.

That being said, I now present to you:

The 100 Geek Point Trivia Challenge

For 100 Geek Points, what is the significance of the following:
Auriga, Cetus, Centaurus, Cancer, Scutum, Eridanus?

Geek Points are only awarded to honest players. Dishonest players will receive Chamelioid Points. These points appear to be perfectly ordinary (and highly coveted) Geek Points until you actually take possession of them. At that time, each Chamelioid Point sheds its carapace and splits into five Douchebag Points.

You have been warned.

* - Mike Tyson is not a wimpy little sissy boy. I am. Please don't beat me to a pulp, it wouldn't even be satisfying.