Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shocktoberfest Is Nigh

October...a time of pumpkin flavored foods, colorful leaves, and creepy crawlies. It's also time for the second annual Shocktoberfest, wherein I challenge myself to watch 31 horror movies in 31 days.

This can be quite a challenge, as I have to work around game night, dartball night, and an annual weekend camping trip. Adding to the challenge this year is the fact that Dr Wife is planning to participate. Trying to hit a one movie per day average is going to be an interesting, yet worthy challenge.

At minimum, I want to top last year's 19 movies. That should be doable, right?

I've already asked for suggestions via Tumblr and Facebook (thanks to those who replied - you know who you are), and Dr. Wife and I have looked over the horror movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime to create a "foundation" on which to build Shocktoberfest 2014. Here's a sample:

Cabin in the Woods (I know, this was on last year's list, but Dr. Wife hasn't seen it.)
Dead Silence
Creepshow 2
Black Death
The Ward
The Tall Man
Troll Hunter
Donovan's Brain
White Zombie
The Stuff
The Re-Animator

Additional suggestions are, of course, welcome.

Note 1:
Letterboxd won't let me create an empty list, so I'll come back and post a link to the Shocktoberfest 2014 page once I've stated the challenge.

Note 2:
As promised, here is the Letterboxd list to track Shocktoberfest 2014.