Thursday, December 24, 2015

A New Tradition

Last night, Dr. Wife and I adopted a wonderful Icelandic tradition.

Jólabókaflóð refers to the flood of new books published in Iceland at the end of the year. Books are very popular gifts in Iceland, and are exchanged on the 24th. Folks then spend the night reading, usually with chocolate.

Dr. Wife and I loved this idea, but we're usually out quite late on the 24th, visiting family. Thus, we decided to adopt Jólabókaflóð as a December 23 tradition, where we will exchange gifts both literary and confectionery. I also added a bottle of very good beer, to tie it all together.



and the beer

This, my friends, is a great tradition. We each selected one of our books and spent the night reading it, accompanied by the delicious flavors of chocolate and beer. This is a tradition that I expect to maintain for a very long time.

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